Conservation Services

Capturing and using natural water

From bird surveys to watershed restoration, High Desert is your partner in conservation.

The team at High Desert Native Plants engages in conservation services ranging from environmental impact analyses to wetlands maintenance and restoration. We use the principles of restoration ecology and regenerative land management to restore functioning ecosystems. Our projects vary in size and scope to include landscape-scale seeding projects, urban green infrastructure projects, bird surveys, residential landscapes, and community gardens. Attention to water and soil conservation forms the nexus of our approach: We connect water with desert plants and soil to transform damaged and/or degraded lands into thriving, species-rich habitats across the southwest.

Contact one of our water harvesting specialists to learn how High Desert uses restoration ecology to create the conditions needed on your land for plants, animals, and soils to thrive.

Our services:

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Studies
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Revegetation and ecological restoration
  • Bird surveys
  • Wetlands maintenance and restoration
  • Urban green infrastructure projects

Recent notable projects:

  • La Mancha
  • Lordsburg Playa
  • Billy Rogers Arroyo

What is restoration ecology?

Given the opportunity, natural systems repair themselves. Restoration ecology is the process of creating that opportunity. At High Desert, we focus on setting the conditions needed for nature to take its natural course. We use a mix of water harvesting and permaculture techniques to build healthy soils; then, from the ground up, the land transforms.