Water Harvesting

Collect water for your plants and land

We design, build, and maintain custom water-harvesting systems for residential, commercial, and public properties.

Call today for a free consultation with one of our water-harvesting specialists to learn how a water-harvesting system will benefit your property.

High Desert is a local team of certified water-harvesting specialists. Using principles of integrated design, we will customize a system to fit any site or budget.

Rainwater harvesting presents a unique opportunity to learn about your property as a watershed, to conserve water, and to connect with the plants and pollinators of the Chihuahuan Desert. Reduce your reliance on municipal water. Save on monthly water costs. Make your property more resilient. And do your part to keep water flowing in the Rio Grande.

We do green infrastructure, residential water-harvesting tanks and systems, rain and pollinator gardens, curb cuts for storm water capture, and more.


Our services:

Rain Gardens

Soak up the rain with a custom-designed rain garden in your yard, school, or parkway. We build gardens of all sizes to support anything from native pollinator habitat to school- or home-vegetable gardens. Our gardens take regenerative principles to heart; they reduce storm water damage, recharge the local water table, and contribute to a healthier environment, all while reducing impact on the local water supply.

Rain Tanks & Cisterns

Did you know a 2,000 square-foot roof in the El Paso area collects nearly 12,000 gallons of water each year?  High Desert can outfit your property with a water-harvesting tank that collects and stores water for year-round use. Integrate a tank with a specially designed landscape of Chihuahuan Desert plants (we like to call them wildscapes and you can collect enough free rainwater to nourish a thriving landscape without any life-support from municipal water. (See our Rim Road case study here) {This links to a blog post about how much water we saved at Rim Road}

Greywater Systems

Greywater systems rest on the principle of matching water quality with water use.  Don’t waste water by flushing it down the drain, but put that water to beneficial use to grow native plants and trees with a greywater system.  High Desert will re-plumb your property with laundry-to-landscape, sink-to-landscape, and shower-to-landscape systems.  These allow you to squeeze more uses out of each molecule of water—a key component of water conservation!