Curb cuts and curb cores, working together with a water-harvesting basin, are one of the simplest and most innovative methods for conserving water while maintaining a healthy, vibrant landscape.

In most cities throughout the American West, stormwater is thought of not as a resource, but rather as a nuisance; it’s something to get rid of. Water is conveyed off peoples’ roofs and driveways, down gutters along the sides of streets, into storm drains, and away into sewer systems.

But why do we try to remove all that stormwater when it could be thought of as a beneficial resource—especially in desert and drought-prone areas where water is by nature hard to come by?

By using a curb cut or curb core in tandem with a water-harvesting basin, residents and stormwater managers alike can begin to take advantage of water flowing down the streets. Rather than getting rid of it, that water can be used to grow vibrant landscapes of desert-adapted trees and plants.

Find out how it works by watching the latest video from High Desert Native Plants: